Merry and joyful … such will be this year’s Christmas Markets on the town’s main square.
The town centre will once again become a magical place for friendly gatherings over coffee; a place where you can enjoy the Advent season full of flavours and aromas just for a moment or for a whole day.
In the stalls, you can buy Christmas goodies, sweets, cakes, tarts, gingerbread, punch, mulled wine, coffee, tea, gifts, decorative items, Christmas decorations, candles, jewellery.
Vendors will take turns at the stands so that the visitors have the widest possible assortment available all the time long.
Singers and musicians from the region, as well as famous artists, schools, local folklore and singing ensembles will perform and participate in the nearly two-week programme.
View the complete programme HERE.

Velké nám. 49,
767 01 Kroměříž,

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