Kroměříž is not only a town of rich history and sights. It is also a lively and modern present day town. The combination of its picturesque corners, charming alleys and arcades providing the well needed pleasant shade and of the sun drenched main square Velké náměstí, creates a unique atmosphere and invites you to stroll and explore its historic centre. It fully deserves its nickname “Athens of Haná” related to the cultural importance of the town and to the large number of schools, which have always formed an important part of this town’s legacy. DISCOVER everything that this town so proudly has to offer … DISCOVER the Archbishop’s Chateau with its Gardens, being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. DISCOVER the ecclesiastical buildings and churches, which stand out and create the breath taking panorama of the town. DISCOVER all the architectural and artistic monuments. Retrace the life and work of several local notables who lived in this town and whose legacy attracts attention even today.
"To admire nature always and everywhere – that is living. "
Max Švabinský


The town of Kroměříž does not live only in the past … It offers a variety of events and projects for active cultural, sports and social enjoyment for all generations. Both locals and visitors can hardly imagine each season without its regular events, such as the Color Run with an all-day programme for the whole family; the carnival markets, St. Martin’s markets or Advent and Christmas Markets – each with a rich accompanying programme; concerts for lovers of various musical styles and genres; historical festivities which draw its audience to the past; Uniformed Corps Day; horticultural and agricultural exhibitions and fairs all year around; and open air music festivals … You simply must EXPERIENCE all this!
"In the world, it is not objects that are the most precious, but moments."
Karel Čapek


Kroměříž is full of places worth visiting, worth EXPLORING. Take themed walks through the city centre, walk the nature trails, sit in parks or gardens, take tours, rides, visits, excursions - alone, with children, with grandparents, with the whole family, with a bike, a stroller, a dog... If you want to get a taste of Kroměříž and really EXPERIENCE it, it's good to spend a few days here, give it time and attention, enjoy, savour, have fun. You will see, you will be delighted.