Kroměříž Manuscript Bears Films like Amadeus and Marie Theresa

Kroměříž is among the cities often seen on the movie screen and television. No wonder, given its picturesque city center with representative bourgeois houses and quaint alleys, the grand interiors of the castle, and the mysterious and romantic corners of the historic gardens. All these elements stand out in historical epics, fairy tale stories, and period series. Every year, several film crews come to Kroměříž to find impressive sceneries that give the films a touch of uniqueness. Over the years, Kroměříž has produced a nice array of film works, including films that belong to the golden fund of Czech and even world cinematography. The most famous is undoubtedly Amadeus, directed by Miloš Forman in Kroměříž in 1984, which won eight Oscars. The series Marie Theresa starring Vojtěch Kotek, which portrayed the imperial residences of Schönbrunn and Hofburg through the interiors and exteriors of Kroměříž, also gained extraordinary popularity. Other memorable films include A Royal Affair, Eternal Love, Requiem for a Maiden, The Ear, the fairy tale Hell with the Princess, and popular TV series like The Gendarme Humoresques and I, Mattoni.

If you follow the trail of films shot in Kroměříž, take time to visit the local Museum of Film Legends. Here, you’ll find a collection of meticulously crafted statues, figurines, and replicas from the world of famous film, comic, and fairy tale heroes.