Kroměříž Boasts Historical and Exotic Gardens

Regular visitors well know that from spring to autumn, Kroměříž bursts with the colors of blooming plants. And some symbolic places even have flowers in their name. Let’s start with the renowned Flower Garden, which as a precious UNESCO heritage site represents a pinnacle of European garden art from the 17th century and a transitional phase in the development from Italian Renaissance gardens to French Baroque-classicist gardens like Versailles. From early spring, the historic greenhouses here are fragrant with blooming camellias and citrus plants, in summer you’ll be enchanted by colorful flower beds and green labyrinths among babbling fountains, and in autumn, you won’t want to take your eyes off the colorful combinations of leaves from exotic trees. The architectural purity and scope make the Flower Garden a jewel without parallel in the world.

The tradition of Kroměříž garden architecture is successfully continued by the Kroměříž Exhibition Grounds. The modern complex is a venue for the popular Floria exhibition, but also for concerts, fairs, and other cultural events. Its extraordinary pride, however, lies in the six thematic ornamental gardens that bring a unique experience to the area. You can admire both dry and wet Japanese gardens, a Provençal garden, and other composed nooks representing landscapes such as steppe or wilderness. Stylishly planted corners are separated by stone walls, water surfaces, or babbling waterfalls and invite you to a pleasant sitting.

And when you add to all this the ornamental beds and floral plantings in the city center, know that by visiting Kroměříž, you too will warm up and blossom into beauty.