The Most Beautiful View of the City? From a Bird’s-Eye View

Whether you are approaching Kroměříž from the direction of Zlín, Brno, or Kyjov, the first thing to catch your attention from afar is the imposing tower of the Archbishop’s Castle. And surely, you would also wonder what it would be like to see Kroměříž from its gallery. Viewing platforms in remarkable locations are among the most visited domestic destinations, and the 84-meter-high castle tower can be considered the highest viewing point in Kroměříž and its surroundings. The publicly accessible gallery is located at a height of 40 meters and if you manage to climb the 206 steps, consisting of both spiral sandstone and wooden steps, you will be rewarded with an amazing view not only of the city but also a large part of Moravia. In favorable weather, you can even see the Hostýnské Hills, Chřiby, and Jeseníky Mountains. It is from this bird’s-eye perspective that visitors often fall in love with Kroměříž. From here, you can best see the contours of the medieval city, narrow alleys, church towers, and architecture saturated with culture and art.


However, not only the view from the tower is exceptional, but also its interior. The current tower was rebuilt from the remains of a former Gothic castle. At the base of the tower, you can still find a late Gothic portal, which served as the original entrance to the castle. Although it is not yet open to the public, a unique new feature of this season is the Treasury, located above the mentioned portal. This room, like the Renaissance castle, was created during the episcopate of Olomouc Bishop Stanislav Thurzo (1496–1540) and is decorated with a beautiful star-ribbed vault with eight points. During the Renaissance, the walls were covered with murals, evidence that it was a significant room, possibly serving as a chapel. Such a preserved Gothic element is a real rarity in Baroque Kroměříž, and you should not miss it.