Kroměříž Mass Wines Have Been Produced for Over Seven Centuries

Wine tourism is inherently linked to South Moravia, but did you know that you can also enjoy experiences associated with quality wine and centuries-old tradition in Kroměříž? Best enjoyed while sitting in the unique castle cellars producing quality mass wines, or in one of the local wine bars.

The local wine tradition dates back to the 13th century when Bishop Bruno of Schauenburk elevated Kroměříž to the status of a town and established wine cellars here. In 1345, the then Margrave of Moravia, Charles IV, granted the cellars the privilege to produce mass wine and later, as King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, he even expanded them. This tradition continues today, although you won’t find the original vineyards under Barbořina hill anymore as grapes are now brought to Kroměříž from the archbishop’s vineyards in South Moravia. However, you can still visit the original cellars today. The Archbishop’s Castle Wine of Kroměříž company organizes tourist tours and tastings from April to September. In addition to basic tastings, which are usually part of regular tours and include four specific samples of mass wines, they also offer guided tastings tailored to your preferences and tastes. And it’s also over a glass of wine that you’ll best remember why Kroměříž has wine knives in its coat of arms.