Even though the Chateau Garden is a popular place for peaceful walks and relaxation among greenery right in the centre of the town, your children will fall in love with this unique piece of land. Part of the Chateau Garden is a small ZOO, which includes monkeys, birds of prey, and parrots housed in several cages and aviaries. Just a few steps away are other enclosures with geese, turkeys, chickens, fallow deer, goats, a donkey, rabbits, and the all-time favourite peacocks, who always call for your attention by their typical ear‑splitting screams. Your children will certainly also be interested in the original romantic buildings and constructions, such as the Colloredo’s Colonnade, the Pompeii Colonnade, the Chinese Pavilion, or the Fishermen’s Pavilion.


Opening hours vary depending on season. You can find the current opening hours HERE.

Free admission to the Garden.

Open all year-round.

Guided tours can be booked for groups.

Cycling is not allowed in the Garden.

No entry with dogs.



Arcibiskupský zámek Kroměříž,
Sněmovní nám. 1,
767 01 Kroměříž,

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