Part of the underground of the Archbishop’s Chateau are the Chateau wine cellars located at a depth of approximately 6.5 metres. They were founded in the 13th century by bishop Bruno von Schauenburg and expanded during the reign of Charles IV. They are the oldest winery in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest in Europe. The wine is made from grapes without any treatment of chemical substances. The wine-making process takes place in the archbishopric in the vicinity of the town Hluk and in the vineyards near the village Velehrad. The Chateau wine cellars in Kroměříž produce certified sacramental wines without additives, as well as other unique wines with no added sugar or other chemical additives for aroma, colour, flavour, or texture enhancement. Cellar tours and wine-tastings are available for those interested. Lounges can be rented for private or business events. Wines can be purchased in a shop located near the Archbishop’s Chateau.

Ulice Na Kopečku 1487,
767 01 Kroměříž,

+420 739 390 453

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