The Flower Garden (a so-called “Libosad”) has always been a place where people went to enjoy beauty. Children will certainly be attracted by the high walls of greenery, labyrinths of all sizes and heights, by all the colourful flowerbeds forming various geometric shapes and patterns. Other features of the Garden, that create its unique atmosphere, include a network of water channels and numerous fountains, a 244-metres long colonnade, greenhouses, aviaries, a Rabbit hill, and, above all, a central pavilion – a Rotunda with the Foucault’s pendulum, a device demonstrating the Earth’s rotation. You can download the guide to your smartphone in a total of nine languages. Educational programs for children (suitable for school trips) are also available.


Opening hours vary according to the season, current times can be found HERE.

Gen. Svobody 1192,
767 01 Kroměříž,


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