The area of the train depot at the Kroměříž train station serves as a railway museum. Visitors can view exhibits from the collections of the civic association Kroměřížská dráha and even try some of them. On display is an electromechanical safety device, a personal cash register with a ticket validation machine system and the Edmondson tickets type cabinet, a telegraph, an authentic colour light signal, a functional level crossing signal, a teletypewriter functionally connected to a PC, a custom Rybák passenger car interior. Part of the train depot area is also a railway turntable (a device for turning railway rolling stock), which is interesting because it is human-operated.


Selected dates always from 9:00 to 16:00.

Nádražní 1690/3,
767 01 Kroměříž,

+420 602 575 513


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