The area around the body of water called Šlajza is located near the highway on the outskirts of Kroměříž. The town has turned its surroundings into a pleasant trail suitable both for jogging and for relaxation. In addition to installed information boards, the trail offers many interactive, fun, and educational elements, such as: a knot tying game, a game of tic‑tac‑toe and two memory games on interactive boards, a workout spot with both horizontal and parallel bars, two outdoor fireplaces. Benches, bike racks and litter bins are a matter of course. Most of the elements alongside the trail are made of wood. The area also includes a 1.5‑kilometre jogging trail. Sportsmen and sportswomen can not only stretch their bodies here, but also compete and compare their results with other runners via a mobile application.

U Strže 862,
767 01 Kroměříž,

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