One of the summer specialities is the town tour with costumed guides. These engaging and unconventional tours are prepared every year by the Town Hall in cooperation with the historical fencing association Biskupští manové.  On selected days in July and August, you can take a walking tour through the picturesque streets with guides in period costumes and look back in time to different historical periods. These tours are suitable for families and children, and they are enriched with several performances representing some of the key moments from the history of the town. This year’s tour “Secrets of old town” takes its visitors on a walk through the town and to the Chateau Garden. Part of the tour is focused on movies shot in Kroměříž, including the series Maria Theresia (2017).


pátky 2., 16. a 30. července a 13. a 27. srpna, začátek vždy v 18 hodin u kašny na Velkém náměstí.

Velké nám. 49,
767 01 Kroměříž,

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