“Kroměříž at your pace” is a series of short themed one- to two-kilometre-long walks through the town centre. The time required for individual walks ranges between half an hour to fifty minutes. The series offers active movement and fun at the same time. For each route, the town issued a map with a description of places that are logically related. The map is very practical and fits easily in your pocket, so you don’t need a guide or a guidebook. The map is available at the Tourist Information Centre.

For the 2021 season, the town has prepared a total of four routes: “In the footsteps of Jewish History”, “The face of the town: The route of churches”, “A children’s expedition: In search of knowledge”, and “The Chateau and the Gardens”. The main advantage of these routes is that you can walk them at any time, even when the sights are closed. All the interesting facts about each route and other additional information can be found in the already mentioned maps.

In 2022, two more routes were added to the “walk” series.

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